One of the main customer problems is the need for integration between fundraising and learning management systems, which can make it difficult for teachers and administrators to effectively track donations and volunteer hours and match them with curriculum and student data. Another issue could be the lack of engagement or participation from school communities.

This leads to a shortage of funding and support for schools as there is a need for more donations and volunteers. Additionally, it could be challenging to create a sense of excitement and motivation among students, teachers, and parents to participate in fundraising activities, leading to low fundraising totals.


“FundClassHUB” is a digital platform for all major educational and fundraising needs. We offer curriculum management, student data management, fundraising management features, communication tools and more. Our platform provides a variety of easy-to-organize fundraising activities. FundClassHUB offers resources and advice to help maximize fundraising efforts and increase community involvement.


The customer segment for FundClassHUB will be primary and secondary schools, both public and private, including traditional as well as online or virtual schools. The platform would be useful for schools of all levels, from small, rural schools to large, urban schools. Additionally, the platform will also be marketed to universities and other higher education institutions, as they also have fundraising needs.