Helping schools raise funds more easily

Our mission is to enhance the learning experience while promoting fundraising activities, community involvement and engagement.

If we don’t take care of our kids’ education, who will?

School fundraising is important as it raises funds for school expenses, promotes community involvement, teaches valuable skills, enhances education opportunities, and supports school initiatives, thereby supporting the educational mission and creating a positive environment for students.

Our innovative FundClassHUB platform is designed specifically for schools and universities. Our platform not only streamlines and simplifies the management of curriculum and student data but also includes a powerful fundraising module. FundClassHUB is a complete educational hub with a powerful engine that helps schools raise funds more easily.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize how our users learn, teach, and raise funds by leveraging technology to make education and fundraising more accessible, effective, and equitable.

How are we different?

FundClassHUB has unique features and capabilities that set it apart from other similar products in the market. We offer an advanced interface that integrates student information systems and fundraising campaign management features. We have more robust reporting and analytics capabilities and flexibility in creating and managing fundraising campaigns. Additionally, we have a comprehensive approach to fundraising by integrating volunteer management, donation matching and donation tracking all in one platform, which can save time and resources for the school or university. Our core values are:


We can streamline the learning process and automate many time-consuming tasks associated with fundraising, such as data entry, tracking donations, and sending out thank-you letters.

Data analysis

It can help schools to improve the learning experience, analyze their fundraising data and identify the best strategies for achieving their goals.


It can be a cost-effective solution for schools looking to enhance their learning process and fundraising efforts to maximize their impact and profits.